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What we had

What we wanted

Choosing Sears

The sales session

Contractual documents

Where things went wrong

Project as Sears declared it satisfactorily completed

The attempts at resolution

Outside contractor finishes the project

The finished project

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Sears Response

Choosing Sears

How did we come to choose Sears?

First, because a friend recommended them.

Then, because of the promises that were made. Sears would handle the project from the beginning through satisfactory completion. Click to See what was promised (Click on back arrow to return.) To get a closer look at some of the promises, click here (Click on back arrow to return.)

In addition, payment would be made in full upon satisfactory completion of the project. Click to See the form (Click on back arrow to return.)

Also, discounts were offered for signing on the first visit. We understood, of course, that this was to discourage us from checking out other contractors. The discounts were offered, and we agreed.