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Sears kitchen remodeling project:
Conflict and Resolution

My Sears kitchen remodeling project did not go well. Attempts at resolution failed. I concluded that if this happened to me, there must be thousands of others who have nowhere to make the voices heard. This website was born to speak for the disgruntled and disillusioned Sears customers.

Then, I realized that I was only providing a place to complain. I read once that "If you complain and have no suggestions to offer, you are only bitching."

True. I was only bitching.

I had some ideas about how Sears and I and unhappy customers could interact to the benefit of all concerned. I contacted Sears with my suggestions. I finally reached Jim Brown, a Sears vice president. He took my suggestions seriously, and dialogued with his staff. They were already working to improve communications.

They incorporated some of my suggestions into what they were already planning to implement. The result is that, in my understanding of their new procedures, all new customers will be given a corporate contact to be used if things go wrong. These new procedures are being field tested as this page is being written.

To quote Mr. Brown: "As you said during our conversations, there will be a lot of good that will come out of this experience. Rest assured that your feedback has provided a valuable contribution toward improving our business processes and moving us closer to better consistency with our Vision."

My primary goal has been achieved. There is a place for Sears customers to go when things go wrong. Sears is pro-actively trying to prevent situations like mine from happening.

And then, much to my surprise, Mr. Brown came up with a suggestion about how my project could be redeemed. We have an understanding. And again, much to my surprise, I am satisfied with the end result of my project.

From an angry, disillusioned customer to one who sees Sears as really trying to get it right, is quite a change. I am optimistic

But, stuff happens. If you are unable to get resolution for your problems, contact me. Maybe I can help. With the new Sears procedures in place. I think that you will find them adequate.

Here is what the finished project looks like.