An Overview

What we had

What we wanted

Choosing Sears

The sales session

Contractual documents

Where things went wrong

Project as Sears declared it satisfactorily completed

The attempts at resolution

Outside contractor finishes the project

The finished project

Links to Sears

Contact me

Feedback from Others

Sears Response

Links to Sears Websites

In the interest of an honest presentation of the kitchen remodeling project, I have offered to link to any web page of Sears choosing.

Here is what has been provided:

Sears.com has My Sears Community that contains blogs and forums. Go to http://www.sears.com/

SearsHomeServices.com has blogs as well. Again, we have a team that monitors blog activity so we can respond to our customers quickly. Go to:http://searshomeservices.com/

Both of these sites are meant to create an easy pathway for our customer to give us feedback to not only solve problems, but also improve our processes.