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An Outside Contractor Finishes the Job

The backsplash was never a part of the Sears contract. We found that the business practices of the contractor recommended by Tafe Boyd were unacceptable and the complaints against them were credible. So, we hired a contractor, Doug Adams, who had been recommended by friends. They had hired him on the recommendation of their friends.

When I no longer wanted to put up with Sears installing the new appliances, I asked Doug if he would do that also. He agreed. It has been a pleasure to work with Doug. Our dog, Babe, likes him. For those in the Inland Empire of Southern California, here is how to contact Doug:

Doug Adams
Doug's Home Repairs & Remodling
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I recommend him with no reservations. The motto on Doug's business card is "Get it Done Right the First Time". I am convinced. Doug also took care of a couple of other items to which Sears responded "We don't do that". When he was in our home supervising the electrical upgrade, I learned that his next stop was the local hospital, one of the top 100 in the country. He was going to have to scrub and gown and go into the surgical area to check out an electrical problem. The hospital shares my respect for Doug.