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Sears Kitchen Remodeling Project

The "completed" Sears kitchen remodeling project.

A Brief Summary of the Project

The Sears "Inspection Survey", under under "Kitchen Remodeling" said that "Your Sears Custom Installation will include ...", and a column of check boxes. The boxes checked included: "Modify electrical and plumbing as needed for new kitchen installation", "Install new appliances", "Reinstall existing appliances", "All permits and licenses", and more.

Sears initially declined to fulfill these promises. This website is in response to this failure.

But there is much more.The "Cash Payment Agreement" contains the following: "I/we agree to pay the entire balance of this contract upon satisfactory completion of the contracted improvements with proceeds obtained from:----". Credit card information followed.

Several things went wrong with this project. Much of it, but not all, are revealed here.

At the stage shown in the picture, Sears, without my knowledge or consent, decided that the project was satisfactorily completed and charged the full amount of the project to my American Express Card.

This was only the last problem in a project gone wrong from the beginning.

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