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Choosing Sears

The sales session

Contractual documents

Where things went wrong

Project as Sears declared it satisfactorily completed

The attempts at resolution

Outside contractor finishes the project

The finished project

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Sears Response

Attempts at Resolution

After a heated and unproductive meeting with the project coordinator, Glenn Ottens, and sales person, Tafe Boyd, I was contacted by Marlon Aguilar, Sears local general manager.

Mr. Aguilar's position was that the installation of new appliances was not Sears responsibility. I insisted that it was. Mr. Aquilar stated that this was not written into the contract I had signed. I disagreed. Mr. Aguilar reminded me that Sears is a large corporation and has a lot of good lawyers. (A threat?) He eventually suggested that we split the cost of installing the appliances. I told him that I wanted no more verbal misunderstandings and asked him to send his proposal in an email.In the interest of getting the project completed, I yielded a point to Mr. Agular and told him that was acceptable. See the email correspondence (Click on back arrow to return.) I got no response to the request for the date and time that this would be done.

After two more attempts to get a commitment, See more email correspondence, (Click on back arrow to return.) I gave up.

I sent another email informing Sears that I had given up trying to deal with them. See the email in two parts - it was too long for a single page. First segment (Click on back arrow to return.) and the second segment (Click on back arrow to return.)

Now, all of a sudden, all kinds of concessions were offered.

Too late. Now the issue is the whole project.

Sears would not quit. See one last email, again in two parts. the first segment (Click on back arrow to return.) and second segment (Click on back arrow to return.)