An Overview

What we had

What we wanted

Choosing Sears

The sales session

Contractual documents

Where things went wrong

Project as Sears declared it satisfactorily completed

The attempts at resolution

Outside contractor finishes the project

The finished project

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Feedback from Others

Sears Response

The Sales Call

Jesse Sanchez and Tafe Boyd came to our home to see what our existing kitchen was like, to find out what we wanted, and to suggest how to accomplish our desires. Tafe seems to be a kitchen designer and did most of the early talking. Jesse took measurements during this phase.

We wanted the soffet removed and the new cabinets to go to the ceiling. Sears could not do that.

We wanted smooth cabinet doors with press to open/press to close latches. Sears could not provide that.

We wanted a lazy susan in both of the bottom corner cabinets. We also wanted the cabinets to go all of the way into the corner, and not be truncated. This was vigorously resisted by both Tafe and Jesse. We insisted.

We wanted a cooktop with a cabinet below, and an oven-microwave unit beside it. This was abandoned because there simply was not enough space.

We settled for a cooktop with the oven below it. We will continue to use our countertop microwave.

At this point, there seemed to be a fixation on the existing stove and the oven above it. We pointed out that the reason for the whole project was that the old oven was unreliable and 40 inch appliances seemed to not be available. With the upgrade we were going with a cooktop and an oven below it.

Because we were losing storage space with the new cabinets, we asked that the new cabinets along the south wall be extended by six inches.

The Sales Pitch

Here are the promises that were made.

The first was that Sears would handle the project from the beginning through satisfactory completion. See what was promised (Click on back arrow to return.) To get a closer look at some of the promises, click here (Click on back arrow to return.)

Secondly, payment would be made in full upon satisfactory completion of the project. See the form (Click on back arrow to return.)

Finally, discounts were offered for signing on the first visit. We understood, of course, thst this was to discourage us from checking out other contractors. The discounts were offered, and we agreed.

Our Uneasyness

By the end of the call, something just didn't feel right. Nothing specific. I just didn't think that they had it right. Too much emphasis on what Sears could do, too little on what we wanted. But, trusting the Sears name and the written aggreement to pay "upon satisfactory completion of the contracted improvements", we signed.