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What we had

What we wanted

Choosing Sears

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Where things went wrong

Project as Sears declared it satisfactorily completed

The attempts at resolution

Outside contractor finishes the project

The finished project

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What we Wanted

What we wanted is quite simple. We wanted an oven that was reliable. We wanted a contractor that would take control of the project and would see it through to completion. We wanted a contractor who could provide us with what we wanted in the new kitchen. Very importantly, we wanted to preserve cabinet space as much as possible. We would have liked to have a wall oven and microwave unit, but there was simply not enough room. We settled for a cook top and an oven below. We wanted flat doors with push to open/push to close latches. Sears would not provide those. We reluctantly agreed in order to get a contractor (Sears) who would handle the entire project. See what was promised (Click on back arrow to return.) We wanted a lazy susan in each of the lower corner cabinets. See what was given to the sales representatives. (Click on back arrow to return.)

Very importantly, while the timing of the start of the project was not critical, we most certainly expected that it would be completed in the 12 to 17 days as contracted.